vasárnap, január 04, 2015

most humans don't know where their food comes from, and there are others who don't care, they kill their own food ... it's hell on earth for the animals

'My hands were covered in blood for many years. I was brought up to eat meat and drink milk several times every day. I never thought about where the burger, steak, fish finger, drumstick, cheese or bowl of ice cream came from or how it got to my plate. It never crossed my mind that someone suffered or lost their life for my food.
It's just what we ate, everybody did it and there wasn't any blood that I could see - in the supermarket everything was neatly packaged or in plastic containers and 'everyone' had it in their shopping carts, it was part of life.
But then 40 years ago this started to change for me, slowly, little by little. My mind started to comprehend that the meat and fish I so loved to eat were pieces of someone's body.
Then I went inside several slaughterhouses and watched in horror as the absolutely terrified animals in the kill line tried desperately to escape. The fear in their eyes was chilling, many frothed at the mouth, some defecated. Who of us doesn't know that heart pounding paralysis of fear. And yes, they had every reason to be frantic and terrified. There is nowhere more violent than a slaughterhouse.
So I appeal to you today, all consumers anywhere to look at your hands - are they covered with blood? To think inside your head - do you want to be part of this violence to others? And to feel with your heart - you wouldn't want any of your loved ones, or your dog or cat to be so scared, restrained and then have their throat slit and bled out.
We can change, we can stop this violence, we can be vegan. Thank you.'
~ Patty Mark