szerda, március 25, 2015

egyetértek, einverstanden!

We do not strive for careful transportation of horses to slaughter-houses, as the International League for the Protection of Horses does. We stand against things that are generally accepted and welcome in the modern society: races, equestrian sports, use of bits and cruelty to horses. We undeceive people and spell out to them the truth about the violence and harmfulness of the equestrian sport. In the context of human values equestrian sports are fated to failure as any other negative phenomenon. This is an absolutely stupid and extremely cruel entertainment. However people just need help to get undeceived and then during competitions they will pay more attention not to the fact of horse’s jumping over the painted sticks, but to the horse’s mouth and eyes, that are full of pain.
You can feel the changes in the air. And you can’t seek shelter from them behind the closed doors of your stable. And there is no doubt that the good will prevail.
Lydia Nevzorova